Where to start?

There are 3 ways to access the system: visit from web browser, install native apps and telephone call in.

You can access the login web pages from web browser:

You can install native apps:
1. Native app (Flash app) for Windows XP/7/10 - http://www.timeclockfree.com/timeclock.zip
2. Native app (H5 app) for Windows XP/7/10 - https://www.opentimeclock.com/opentimeclock.zip
3. Native app for Android (search "timeclockfree" in app store, or download from here) - http://www.timeclockfree.com/timeclockfree.apk
4. Native app for iOS (iPhone and iPad). (search "timeclockfree" in Apple app store. or download from here) - http://www.timeclockfree.com/timeclockfree.ipa
5. Native app for Windows 10 app store (PC or Windows Phone). You can search "timeclockfree" in Windows app store.

If you don't have Internet access in your remote offices, you can use Phone Clock (the telephone clock in offline add on). You can use cell phone or landline to call our toll free number to clock in. We support job code in Phone Clock. That means, your employee can enter job code from telephone keyboard. This add on is available to both free plan and paid plan users. We have both toll-free number and local number for your employees to call in:
1. Toll-free: +1 (855) 637-2717
2. New York: +1 (917) 909-6768

If you have question not listed above, please contact us.