Free Plan unlimited employees

We have Free Plan available to you permanently. Both Free Plan and Paid Plan can have unlimited managers and employees. You can sign up from here: Sign Up Now.

Credit card is not needed to sign up our free plan. You can upgrade and downgrade easyly, at any time you want. Free Plan also has 30 days free trial fo Paid Plan features. Actually, the only difference between free plan and paid plan is that paid plan can access "Camera" feature and "Reports" feature. And then, all other features are the same to both plans.

Windows, iOS, Android and Mac

We have multi ways for you to access your data. Please check out our access methods: Log Me In.

You can access from different platforms, Windows XP/7/10, Windows Phone, Mac OS, Linux, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Google Chrome Book, Android (Phone and Tablet).

Camera, Barcode, RFID and NFC

To avoid pal punch, we support web camera in computer, built in camera in laptop, front end and back end built in camera in iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

You can use built in camera to scan barcode and QR_CODE for clock in. You can also use external barcode scanner to plug into your computer, iPad or Android tablet for barcode/QR_Code scanning. You can also use most RFID/NFC card readers in the market for clocking in.

Photos, GPS, Device ID and IP

When your employee clocks in, you can choose to record his photo with camera, GPS geolocation street address, Device ID (Clock ID), IP address. If he use the Phone Clock to call our toll-free number for clocking in, his phone number will be recorded. Camera takes a photo to avoid pal punch. Other info helps to avoid punch from home.

Phone Clock, no Internet needed

If you don't have Internet access in your remote offices, you can use Phone Clock (the telephone clock in offline add on). You can use cell phone or landline to call our toll free number to clock in. We support job code in Phone Clock. That means, your employee can enter job code from telephone keyboard. This add on is available to both free plan and paid plan users. We have both toll-free number and local number for your employees to call in:
1. Toll-free: +1 (855) 637-2717
2. New York: +1 (917) 909-6768

Job costing, shift reporting

If your company needs to track the cost for each jobs and needs employees to report their work, you can enable the "Job and Shift report" feature. This allows your employee to choose a job code and write his shift report to manager. You can also set different pay rate for each job code, and run your costing reports. You will get Excel files and save to your computer for further calculation, or print it out to paper.

Paid Time Off, Absences

You can use the Absences feature to track your employee's absence time, set the dates and hours. Employee can submit absence or paid time off request after login. As manager, you will see their request and then choose to approve or deny. All paid time off and absence hours can be easily view by both employee and manager. You can also run reports for more complicated calcutions and get Excel files.

We have Paid Time Off Accruals feature for both manager and employee. Manager can set the pto accrual rules, such as reason (holiday, personal, sick, vacation and other, etc.), award frequency (no award, daily, monthly, yearly allotment and based on hours worked), anniversary date and previous carryover hours. This feature helps manager and employee easily know how many paid time off hours he still has.

Overtime, Payroll Reports

We have 37 pre-formatted reports. We do simple calculating for you such as overtime, salary. We also do complicated calculating for you such as job costing, biweekly summary and department payroll. You can run report to get Excel files and .CSV files and import into third party payroll system. We currently integrate with QuickBooks, ADP, PayChex. If you need more than these, please let us know, we will help to integrate more third party payroll system.

Group Clock, Who is in

In the Who Is In page, you can see who is currenty working and who is not. You can also see the exact time when he came and when he left. We have a Group Clock feature in the Who Is In page. It allows manager or employee to choose multi employees at one time and clock them in or out all at once. This feature is useful when you need to clock employees out faster. They no longer have to line up in front of the time clock machine.

Access anywhere in security

With Internet access, or without Internet access, you can both clock in from any where in the world. We support most platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. When there is no Internet, you can even use landline to dial our toll-free number to clock in. As manager, you can view all records, manage time entries and even run reports at home or in another country when you are in travelling.