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Free Time Clock System

Time Clock Free is a reliable, secure web based time clock system for any size business. It was designed for business owners, bookkeepers and payroll professionals to track employee' time, absence and schedule. Permanent FREE PLAN is available with unlimited managers and employees supported for basic features. Restrict your employees only clock in/out from certain networks or computers. Web camera supported to avoid pal punch in/out. Supports third party barcode scanner, RFID/NFC reader. Accessible from Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iPad, Android tablet, iPhone, Android phone and Windows phone. Old style telephone and SMS text message add on available to remote office without Internet access. Unlimited users with unlimited devices - we don't limit how many offices/locations or devices/terminals you can have.


Access from any modern web browser or native app in computer or touch device. Barcode scanner, RFID/NFC reader supported. Old style telephone and SMS text message add on available.


Control where employees clock in from, from certain networks (by IP addresses) or from certain computers (by Clock IDs). Create a list of permitted locations, so that employees can't clock in from home. Web camera supported to avoid pal punch in.


You can visit our free sign up page to create an account and start using our service in one minute. Our email support is available to all payment users and none payment users.


Employees clock in from any device with Internet access. Perfect for businesses with multiple locations, or businesses with employees who work from remote job sites.

Clock in with password, barcode and RFID.
Web camera, GPS, IP address, Device ID and Phone Number to avoid misuses.

Data collection

When employee clock in, the app uses camera to take a photo and save it for manager to review. This helps to avoid pal punch in.

Camera supported

You can use external barcode scanner, RFID card reader to clock in. Computer or smart phone built in camera can also be used to scan barcode.

Barcode/RFID supported

We record the GPS geolocation, device ID and IP address to help you identify where employee clock in from. This avoids employee to clock in from home.

GPS, Device ID, IP and phone number

Payroll Integration

You can run reports to get Excel files to import into third party payroll systems.