access same data - choose your way

html5 page (recommended)
For general big screen web browser, like iPad, Android tablet and desktop computer.

flash page (not recommended)
For desktop computer web browser that has Adobe Flash Player installed.

smart phone
For small screen web browser, like iPhone, Android phone and Windows phone.

barcode rfid
For any screen size web browser, it supports barcode scanner, RFID card and NFC tag reader.

native apps installing
Beside access time clock free from web browser, you can also install native apps to your Windows XP/7/10 desktop computer, Windows phone, Android phone/tablet and iOS iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Telephone call in: (buy Phone Clock credit)
For remote offices where you don't have Internet access. Please use your cell phone or landline to call the following toll-free number or local phone number to clock in/out.
US Toll-free: +1 (855) 637-2717
New York: +1 (917) 909-6768
UK Toll-free: +44 (808) 178-0207